Progressive Governance Summit 2024

On 21-22 June 2024, we will debate and strategise on how to make an impactful contribution to shaping a comprehensive concept of progressive security and creating momentum to turn it into political action.

Industrial Heartlands Impulse Papers

After an intensive first working phase on the thematic strands of “Climate, Work and Innovation” and “Perspective for the Future, Respect and Participation”, our Project Fellows outlined the issues and topics they will work on throughout the course of the project. They were presented to the public at Innocracy Conference on November 17 where these impulse papers set the scene for a panel discussion amongst elected officials and leaders from the US Midwest as well as German transformation regions.

“Liberal Democracy is the real winner!” – Polish Elections revisited

Where is the Polish Left standing after the election? In a briefing hosted by Das Progressive Zentrum (DPZ), Policy Fellow and research associate at the Institut für Europäische Politik Maria Skóra and Board Member Katarina Niewiedzial debated with Journalist Karolina Zbytniewska and opposition politician Konrad Gołota the results of Polish parliamentary elections and the situation of progressive forces in the country.

Progressive Economics Network Meetings During IMF Spring Meetings in Washington, D.C.

How can progressive industrial strategies deliver cross-border synergies? How can social justice be hard-wired into their design? How can industrial policy be designed to align with countries’ broader economic strategies?

The Progressive Summer Party 2023 – Thank you all!

We look back on a great evening with around 1,000 invited guests, lots of prominent political guests and great conversations. Thank you to everyone who made this evening possible.

We develop and debate progressive ideas and bring together leading actors who turn thoughts into action. Our think tank’s goal: making the just transformation a reality. ▸ Learn more

Latest News

Lessons from Germany for a Just Transition

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To gain support from the people, the green transition needs to address social concerns, allow for democratic participation, and be implemented locally.

Progressive Governance – Stockholm Seminar 2023

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Ahead of the crucial election year 2024, pressure from the far right rises. During our two-day seminar in Stockholm, one question we particularly focussed on was what progressives can learn from the Swedish experience of dealing with right-wing populism in the upcoming election year.

Towards a progressive toolbox to deal with inflation - Progressive Economics Network Expert Meeting in Brussels

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How can we categorise different types of market interventions to deal with inflation implemented over the last two years? What were their costs, benefits, and impacts? How can we prepare for future inflation shocks?

Getting the Green Deal Done: Progressive Economics Network meets in Brussels

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How can member states achieve their industrial policy and green investment ambitions while ensuring fiscal sustainability during the process of turning the European economic framework greener and cleaner?

A Progressive Answer to the Territorial Divide

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Beyond mere electoral considerations – with European elections looming – it remains a crucial task for democrats to understand the reasons for the rise of far-right ideologies. Factors such as the perception of a migration crisis and a degraded public debate serve as catalysts for the proliferation of these ideologies. Access to social infrastructure emerges as a pivotal factor, underscoring the need for comprehensive policies that extend beyond the ballot box.


How to Build Momentum for Electoral Success in 2024

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In his paper, Circle of Friends member Patrick Diamond summarises and contextualises the main arguments discussed during the Progressive Governance Stockholm Seminar in 2023.
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Our Energy Transition? – How local Participation can shape Sustainability Transformations

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Democratic negotiation processes in the course of the energy transition and transformation.

Beyond the anger and anxiety: Insights into the attitudes and actions that threaten our democracies – and what to do about it

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In his new paper, John Austin delves into the global rise of nationalist and anti-democratic sentiments, particularly in economically declining industrial heartland communities in Europe and the United States. Based on the learnings from the Industrial Heartlands and Democracy Study Tour in November 2023, the paper outlines the reasons behind people’s dissatisfaction and anger. Factors such as economic decline, geographic inequality, social alienation, and political disillusionment emphasize the urgent need for leaders to understand the underlying emotions and experiences driving these anti-democratic sentiments.

New paths to prosperity in industrial heartlands: Report from the industrial heartlands and democracy study tour

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How can we, economically and socially, revitalize former industrial heartland regions while promoting a green transition? This question sat at the heart of our Industrial Heartlands and Democracy Study Tour held in November 2023, which brought together officials and economic change-makers from the US Midwest for a transatlantic exchange with their European peers.

Industrial heartlands in the green transformation

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How can industrial heartlands in Germany and the United States be drivers of a just transition?

Industrial heartlands: holding the key to a more democratic future

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What are the current challenges faced by post-industrial heartland communities and regions?

Germans significantly underestimate unequal distribution of income and wealth

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Summary The German public greatly underestimates how unequally income and wealth are distributed in Germany. People with higher incomes and wealth tend to underestimate their financial situation, while in turn, those with less financial means tend to overestimate their standing relative to the overall population. The result of these misjudgments is that many more people …

Empowering Cities: Building Urban and Transatlantic Infrastructure

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What are successful approaches and polices to the most pressing issues for German and US cities? How can cities and international networks strengthen the transatlantic partnership?


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