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A lot has changed on our website recently, from content to appearance. However, it’s just one chapter in the story of our transformation – more coming soon!

Actually European!?

Study about the German perception of EU policy

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Democratising Democracy: No Transformation without Democratisation

For the 2020s to become a decade of transformation, they also have to become a decade of democratisation

Talking Progress: Germany’s Political Turning Point

New „Talking Progress“ Podcast episode: Ricarda Lang and Tobias Dürr analyse the German election

Europe’s Man on the Moon Project

New "Talking Progress" Podcast episode: A Conversation between Robert Habeck and Margrethe Vestager

How Can the Centre-Left Reinvent Itself?

New "Talking Progress" Podcast episode with Tim Bale, André Krouwel and Ania Skrzypek


The Modern State

Turning bureaucracy into leadership.

Resilient Democracy

Strong in its ability to learn.

Green New Deal

A just, green, and digital future for all.

Political Strategy

Progress needs majorities.


Progressive Governance Summit

Europe's largest conference for progressive politics

Actually European!?

Study about the German perception of EU policy


Developing a Future Vision for German and U.S. Cities


European civil-society conference that explores innovation in democracies
Internationaler Dialog

Europe takes part!

On the role of arts and culture in Europe


Which new technologies does societal progress need?

Talking Progress

The podcast for progressive politics

Countering Populism in Public Space

For confident handling of anti-democratic populism in public space