Green New Deal

A just, green, and digital future for all.

Humanity’s relationship with the environment has proven to be untenable. In order to avoid a disastrous climate collapse, we need to find modern solutions to live sustainably. This requires rethinking our current economic model so that it is more just, green and innovative. Unlimited consumption for the benefit of the individual can no longer be seen as a viable goal to universally strive for. Instead, we must continually improve as a society by combating social and economic inequalities and living within our planet’s boundaries. At stake is prosperity for future generations. This is why Europe needs a Green New Deal.

Some of our core questions

  • How do we secure well-paid and quality work in a market characterized by ecological and technological transformations?
  • How can politics balance planetary boundaries with promises of security and welfare? 
  • How can technological advancement become a vehicle for socio-ecological progress? 

Strategic Lead

Florian Ranft

Member of the Management Board and Head of Green New Deal

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Green New Deal

A just, green, and digital future for all.

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