The Modern State

Turning bureaucracy into leadership.

The state and its institutions urgently need to adapt to the pace of societal change. On the one hand, this requires a swift digitalization of its infrastructure and a cultural shift at state institutions. At the same time, the modern state needs to be able to act sustainably, think in the long-term and prioritize the improvement of public goods and services on its own accord, instead of having to hastily react to outside pressures and crises. The just transformation of our society will ultimately depend on the state’s ability to govern.

Core Questions:

  • How can the modern state make strategic decisions and implement them in a complex multi-level system?
  • How can the modern state combine adherence to the rule of law, working towards the common good, and the pace of progress? 
  • Transparency, accessibility, integration: What forms of institutional innovation and collaboration could build trust in the state and its ability to get things done?

Strategic Lead

Dominic Schwickert

Executive Director of Das Progressive Zentrum

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Our Focus Areas

The Modern State

Turning bureaucracy into leadership.

Resilient Democracy

Strong in its ability to learn.

Green New Deal

A just, green, and digital future for all.

Political Strategy

Progress needs majorities.