Paulina Fröhlich

Deputy Managing Director and Head of Resilient Democracy

About Paulina

Paulina Fröhlich is Deputy Managing Director and Head of the Future of Democracy Programme. She directs innovative dialogue projects, such as “Europa Hört”, designs and curates Innocracy, a conference on democratic transformation, and co-authors discussion papers, such as “Glotzt nicht so romantisch” and the study “Die Talkshow-Gesellschaft”. Fröhlich also heads the development of the digital platform “European Hub for Civic Engagement”. Previously, Paulina worked in water management and development cooperation. In 2016 she co-founded the initiative “Kleiner Fünf”.


The Disregarded

A study on the importance of regional perspectives for the great transformation



European civil-society conference that explores innovation in democracies

Countering Populism in Public Space

For confident handling of anti-democratic populism in public space

Daring New Spaces

A project developing ideas to foster a European public sphere

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