Progressive Governance Summit

Europe’s largest conference for progressive politics

From Santiago to London, Oslo, Dublin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Stockholm to Berlin – Progressive Governance conferences and summits have been held worldwide since 1999. Since its inception, the conference has gathered leading as well as up-and-coming academics, activists and political decision-makers from around the globe.

While each Progressive Governance edition has had a different main focus, the underlying goal remains the same: to debate and discuss the current state of centre-left parties and movements as well as common paths forward. The now yearly Progressive Governance series brings cutting-edge intellectual thinking and impactful political actors together to rejuvenate the progressive governing philosophy and political agenda across the world.

Past Events

Progressive Government – Stockholm Seminar 2023

In 2023, the Progressive Governance consortium organised two seminars bringing together progressive decision makers and impactful thinkers to forge centre-left solutions on balancing short- and long-term policy priorities in the light of the polycrisis.

Progressive Governance Summit 2022

Hard times call for good friends with a plan. PGS22 gathered leading political actors in Berlin to debate and strategise which (and how) progressive alliances can deliver on the promise of progress. Together, we worked on how campaigns, narratives, and policies can build the capacity for progressives to govern at the local to the international level.

Progressive Governance Summit 2021 (Digital)

Momentum for Change: Defining a Decade of Progress

As the political priorities shift from crisis management to the transition of societies and systems post-pandemic, progressives must lead a new political era defined by courage and action. 2021’s summit focused on which political strategies and approaches can lay the foundation to make the 2020s a decade of progress. 

Progressive Governance Summit 2020 (Digital)

Restart! A progressive agenda for a new normality in the post-pandemic world.

PGS20 was a window of opportunity for progressives to come together and discuss shared visions of what a post-Covid-19 world should and could look like. How to promote international solidarity in times of crisis was the central objective of #PGS20.

Progressive Governance Summit 2019

2019’s symposium marked an important milestone in the European and Transatlantic progressive movement discussing the imperative for progressives around the world to reinvigorate their policies and politics in the face of resurgent right-wing nationalism and populism.

Project Lead

Florian Ranft

Member of the Management Board and Head of Green New Deal

Events and Operations Lead

Tanya Shoshan

Head of Events & Operations

PGS Blog

A Progressive Answer to the Territorial Divide

Posted on
Beyond mere electoral considerations – with European elections looming – it remains a crucial task for democrats to understand the reasons for the rise of far-right ideologies. Factors such as the perception of a migration crisis and a degraded public debate serve as catalysts for the proliferation of these ideologies. Access to social infrastructure emerges as a pivotal factor, underscoring the need for comprehensive policies that extend beyond the ballot box.

Reforming the EU is a historical necessity for its ability to (re)act and enlarge

Posted on
The European Union is heading towards the next election. In June, we will not only witness the composition of the new European Parliament, but also the lineup of the new European Commission. As of today, prognoses assume a shift to the right, in particular with gains for the national-conservative and far-right fringe parties. Progressives will have to brace for an intensive campaign as the next legislative period requires historic decisions.

How Alliances Empower Progressive Governance

Posted on
Lessons from progressives in Europe and North America

Joining Forces in Times of Crises

Posted on
Progressive politics and authoritarianism abroad and at home

100 Days of Scholz: Bridging Domestic and Foreign Policy

Posted on
Key takeaways with Daniela Schwarzer & Michael Werz

The Summit Talk from the Progressive Governance Summit 2022


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