Florian Ranft

Member of the Management Board and Head of Green New Deal

Florian Ranft is a member of the Executive Board and Head of “Green New Deal” at Das Progressive Zentrum. In his role, he works on social, regional, democratic and economic transformation issues in Germany and Europe and leads the project “Transatlantic Dialogue on the Industrial Heartlands.” Florian is co-author of studies and discussion papers such as Mir reicht’s Bürger (2023), Die Übergangenen – Strukturschwach & Erfahrungsstark (2022), or Tech with Society (2020) and is co-editor of Work in the Digital Age: Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (2018). He directs the major international conferences and seminars of Das Progressive Zentrum, such as the Progressive Governance Summit and the Progressive Ecnomics Network. He regularly comments on current domestic and foreign policy issues (e.g. in taz, the Jacobin, New Statesman). Previously, he was Head of Policy and International at Policy Network and Senior Research Analyst at the Centre for Progressive Policy, two London-based think tanks. Prior to that, he taught and researched political sociology and international politics at the universities of Frankfurt and Greifswald. Florian is Visiting Research Fellow with the Mile End Institute, Queen Mary University, London.


Progressive Economics Network Meetings During IMF Spring Meetings in Washington, D.C.

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How can progressive industrial strategies deliver cross-border synergies? How can social justice be hard-wired into their design? How can industrial policy be designed to align with countries’ broader economic strategies?

Let's Talk Strategy: The Future of the Centre-Left in Germany and the UK

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What are the challenges facing progressives in Germany and the United Kingdom and what can they learn from each other? Which strategies can achieve a successful social democracy in the 2020s?

Progressive Economics Network Gathers in Lead Up to G20 Meeting for the Second Time

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How can policy-makers prepare for the energy crunch in the winter of next year?


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