Progressive Governance Summit 2024

Friday - Saturday, 21 June - 22 June 2024 | All day

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We live in an age of insecurity. For progressives, the main challenge is to achieve a better and fairer society amidst a new reality of military threats and geopolitical tensions. Hard choices lie ahead, but there is a political space to claim for progressives: How can progressives address peoples’ hard-felt anxieties with a holistic security approach ranging from defence to climate, economic and social policies?

With a series of crucial electoral tests ahead, the Progressive Governance Summit 2024 is set to be a landmark event, drawing together leading intellectuals, activists, and political decision-makers. Just after the elections of the European Parliament, the international progressive community will gather once more in Berlin on 21-22 June 2024. 

Together with our more than 20 international partner organisations, we will debate and strategise on how to make an impactful contribution to shaping a comprehensive concept of progressive security and creating momentum to turn it into political action. 

We are excited to share more with you soon. In the meantime, make sure to save the date and stay tuned for news on #PGS24!

Project Lead

Florian Ranft

Member of the Management Board and Head of Green New Deal

Events and Operations Lead

Tanya Shoshan

Head of Events & Operations


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