Axel Ruppert

Project Manager

Axel Ruppert is project manager overseeing international projects on socio-ecological transformation in the focus areas “Green New Deal” and “Resilient Democracy” of Das Progressive Zentrum. Previously, Axel worked in Brussels at the office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and at the European Network of Equality Bodies (EQUINET) and European Network Against Racism (ENAR). He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Marburg University and a Master of Arts in European Studies from Aarhus University.

Progressive Governance – Stockholm Seminar 2023

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Ahead of the crucial election year 2024, pressure from the far right rises. During our two-day seminar in Stockholm, one question we particularly focussed on was what progressives can learn from the Swedish experience of dealing with right-wing populism in the upcoming election year.

Climate Connaction: Youth Climate Fellowship Program

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[applications are closed] You are a young leader, thinker or campaigner committed to climate action? We welcome your application for our non-resident Climate Fellowship Program!


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