Prof. Dr. Marius Busemeyer

Scientific Council

Marius Busemeyer is Professor of Political Science with a focus on Comparative Political Economy at the University of Konstanz and spokesman of the Cluster of Excellence “The Politics of Inequality”. He studied political science at the University of Heidelberg and public administration at the Harvard Kennedy School. His research focuses on comparative political economy and welfare state studies, education and social policy, government spending, theories of institutional change, and public opinion and individual attitudes toward the welfare state.

Germans significantly underestimate unequal distribution of income and wealth

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Summary The German public greatly underestimates how unequally income and wealth are distributed in Germany. People with higher incomes and wealth tend to underestimate their financial situation, while in turn, those with less financial means tend to overestimate their standing relative to the overall population. The result of these misjudgments is that many more people …

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