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Ramon Marrades is an economist and urbanist with a passion for port cities, public spaces, culture, and innovation. He is currently Director at Placemaking Europe, founder at Vigla, and strategy advisor to a number of cities and large-scale development projects. Before, he served as the Chief Strategy and Finance Officer at La Marina de València, Valencia’s waterfront redevelopment agency, and a board member of the Worldwide Network of Port Cities (AIVP). He holds an Executive MSc in Cities from the London School of Economics and Political Science, an MSc in Economics and Geography from Utrecht University, and a BA in Economics from the University of Valencia. He has been a researcher at the University of Valencia (Spain), Western Sydney University (Australia), and FLACSO (Ecuador). He received the Spanish Social Entrepreneur Award in 2012. Ramon is co-editor of the book “Our City? Countering Exclusion in Public Space” (2019) and the curator of Placemaking Week Europe 2019 and 2022.


A Progressive Answer to the Territorial Divide

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Beyond mere electoral considerations – with European elections looming – it remains a crucial task for democrats to understand the reasons for the rise of far-right ideologies. Factors such as the perception of a migration crisis and a degraded public debate serve as catalysts for the proliferation of these ideologies. Access to social infrastructure emerges as a pivotal factor, underscoring the need for comprehensive policies that extend beyond the ballot box.

On Progressive Infrastructure

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“It is quite simple. If in doubt, do not do it.” Urban economist Ramon Marrades on how to build progressive infrastructure.

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