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About Us

Das Progressive Zentrum is an independent and non-profit think tank based in Berlin. Since 2007, our research, publications and events have helped stimulate ideas for societal progress, provided guidance for decisive political debates, and facilitated collaborative networks for progressives from across Germany, Europe and North America. We strive for a sustainable society that provides equal and good opportunities for all. 

Press Releases

Large-scale survey: Germans greatly underestimate unequal distribution of income and wealth | 11 May 2023

Representative survey: Germans want their government to assume an active and cooperative role in Europe | 23 March 2023

Survey: Germany should be more active in the EU, majority says | 30 May 2022

Press Contact

Benjamin Lamoureux

Head of Strategic Communication

Areas of Work

The Modern State

Turning bureaucracy into leadership.

Resilient Democracy

Strong in its ability to learn.

Green New Deal

A just, green, and digital future for all.

Political Strategy

Progress needs majorities.