“Europe takes part!” is a project by Das Progressive Zentrum in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. We aim to shed light on the role of arts and culture in Europe and to strengthen its actors through the use of digital tools.




This project aims to give impetus and attention to Europe’s cultural-political discourses, questions and perspectives. With “Europe takes part!”, we want to spark debates – and go beyond words. The project consists of three parts:



What challenges does the arts and culture scene face – during the pandemic and in the future? How can digital tools strengthen cultural actors? What role can and should digital spaces play in the future of European cultural policy?

Join us for an interactive event to discuss these questions, exchange visions of the future of European arts and culture with high-level policy-makers, and contribute to strengthening culture and creatives in Europe! Register now for the

Summit on European Cultural Politics
and New Digital Solutions

on 29 April 2021 | 14:00 – 17:45 CET | online



A group of 30 diverse practitioners from the European arts and culture scene will gather in a co-creative workshop series to exchange about the challenges they face, the needs they have and what kinds of digital solutions could best support them. Based on the demand from this analysis, we will create a tech solution to support and connect European artists.

Through this bottom-up approach, the programmed tech tools guarantee user-friendliness and tailor-made functions. The first workshop will take place in early April, the second in early May. A first beta-launch is planned for September 2021.





Raphaela Hobbach

Project Lead
Das Progressive Zentrum




Katja Kessing

Project Lead