US-Congressional Staffers at Das Progressive Zentrum in Berlin

Transatlantic Relations: The Progressive Policy Institute and Das Progressive Zentrum invite US Congressional and State Senior Staffers to Europe

On 6th April 2018, Das Progressive Zentrum in cooperation with the Progressive Policy Institute held a farewell reception to wrap up the visit of a US-Delegation including Democrats and Republicans. The event marked the highlight of a five day trip to Europe – including Paris, Brussels and Berlin – in which the state of transatlantic relations were at the center of interest.

In a friendly atmosphere, Dominic Schwickert, Director of Das Progressive Zentrum, opened the evening by expressing his excitement about the fruitful exchange of views with the US-Delegation and reflecting on the importance of stable transatlantic relations based on bilateral interest and openness: “You showed us an America that listens, not an ‘America-first’ attitude”.

His impression was echoed by the present congressional and state senior staffers who emphasized on strong ties they had experienced between Europe, its member states and the USA in the past days. Subsequently, the feedback from the US-Delegation on the trip, moderated by Lindsay Lewis (Director of ppi) was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the friendly cooperation and constructive work on mutual concerns. After the initial statements, the participants used the opportunity to have an informal exchange on the topics of competition and antitrust policy, digital innovation and data economy.

Das Progressive Zentrum had organized a comprehensive programme for the US-Delegation in Berlin, kicking off with a dinner on the evening of the 5th April, inviting guests such as Stephan Mayer from the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs and journalists Anna Sauerbrey (Der Tagesspiegel) and Mark Schieritz (Die ZEIT) to share thoughts on German perceptions of the “new America” and antitrust- & transatlantic trade policy.


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The following day, the delegation met representatives of Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik and Nesta among others for a breakfast at St. Oberholz to discuss digitalization in education, work and science. During the afternoon, Das Progressive Zentrum accompanied the delegation to the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPI), where Thorsten Benner and Alumni of the Transatlantic Digital Debates welcomed us.

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