EU Digital Challenges – Photo Gallery

Pictures from the „EU Digital Challenges“ Conference Series in Paris & Berlin

For the first time, three European think tanks joined forces to reflect upon the EU digital technologies strategy: Renaissance Numérique, EuropaNova, and Das Progressive Zentrum. As a concrete realization of this partnership, the think tanks launched a common series of conferences in both France and Germany: “EU Digital Challenges”.

“Artificial Intelligence: how to support the European voice in the global race?” – 11 July 2018, Paris 

“Cybersecurity: Is European governance possible?” – 7 November 2018, Berlin 

„A Roadmap for a Digital Society“ – 10. April 2019, Paris

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Janis Prinz arbeitete von November 2018 bis Mai 2020 als Trainee beim Progressiven Zentrum im Programmbereich "Strukturwandel" zu energie- & klimapolitischen Fragen sowie zum Thema Populismus.

Hannah Nicklas

Hannah Nicklas war von April - Juni 2019 Praktikantin im Kommunikationsteam von Das Progressive Zentrum. Sie studierte Germanistik an der Universität Hamburg und European Studies an der Lund University in Schweden.