Three think tanks – three conferences


The context – more than ever, digital issues are discussed at the European scale. While major texts are on the agenda of the next European institutions, the Member States, led by France and Germany, seek to influence EU’s digital roadmap by creating their own national regulations. Simultaneously, the recent renewal of the Elysée Treaty embodied the Franco-German axis’ determination to be the driving force of digital regulations in the European Union.

promote the creation of European digital citizenship for a digital Europe

The purpose – in face of the game-changing progress on AI and the increasing relevance of cybersecurity to European democracies, the three think tanks Renaissance Numérique, EuropaNova and Das Progressive Zentrum came together to join transnational and especially Franco-German forces. In our project “EU Digital Challenges”, we were able to effectively promote the creation of European digital citizenship for a digital Europe by bringing together policy-makers, civil society and businesses in three conferences.


The topics – in view of the new term of the European Parliament, the event-series „EU Digital Challenges“ was dedicated to the future strategy for digital technologies in the EU. Creating the digital society of tomorrow in the age of artificial intelligence and finding measures to defend democracy from cyber risks were at the heart of the series.

The events – Supported by Microsoft France, we organised a dialogue series that lasted several months and turned to politics with a joint appeal for promoting European digital citizenship.


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