Germany 2022+: The Beginning of “an Era of Progress”?

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by Dominic Schwickert, Paulina Fröhlich and Florian Ranft

We are facing the “largest transformation of our industry and economy in more than 100 years”. Bold words, at a momentous occasion: this came from the newly elected Olaf Scholz as he addressed the Bundestag for the first time last Wednesday.

To enter a true decade of transformation, we will need large investments in the restructuring of the economy, the long overdue modernization of the state, as well as bold social and labor policies – which also means going beyond the coalition agreement. Transformation cannot succeed without the strength of social cohesion. Now and in this new constellation, the fight against discrimination and for social progress in our society must be decisively won.

Time is of the essence: read more in our new position paper, where we argue in detail why we must move “full speed ahead”. And, if the governing coalition acts quickly and gains traction, Germany could serve as a useful model of progress internationally for the first time in 20 years.

This progressive coalition must deliver – good policies alone are not enough. Communication that resonates with citizens, regional participation, as well as a discursive and reflective political approach are equally necessary to convince people of the need for change.

We believe that as this new political beginning unfolds, we especially need to amplify the voices of socially-disadvantaged and people most affected by ongoing change in our society. You will be hearing from us in January 2022 about our new study “Disregarded” on the question of a just transformation.


Dominic Schwickert

Executive Director of Das Progressive Zentrum
Dominic Schwickert has been Executive Director of Das Progressive Zentrum since 2012. He has proven expertise in the field of political and strategic consulting. Dominic worked i.a. for Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Bertelsmann Stiftung, IFOK GmbH, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, German Bundestag as well as for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Paulina Fröhlich

Deputy Managing Director and Head of Resilient Democracy
Paulina Fröhlich is Deputy Managing Director and Head of the Future of Democracy Programme.

Florian Ranft

Member of the Management Board and Head of Green New Deal
Florian Ranft is a member of the Management Board and is head of Green New Deal & Progressive Governance at Das Progressive Zentrum.