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Innocracy is a European civil-society conference based in Berlin. Since 2017, once a year, Innocracy explores innovations in democracies. From reflections on the status quo, via practical examples of change to painting tangible future visions, the conference seeks to improve liberal democracy from the inside out. Innocracy is known for its community character, innovative formats and future-oriented debates.

This was Innocracy 2021

We often think of improving democracy in terms of widening and deepening the possibilities of participation. In this understanding, democratisation means that more people should be able to participate in the political process in more innovative and impactful forms. While the question of who is able to participate in democratic decision-making processes is crucial, it should not divert our attention from the equally important question of what it is that we (do not) democratically decide about.

At Innocracy 2021, we want to identify fields which are excluded or are being removed from democratic control and explore whether and how (re-)democratising them could lead to a better future. We want to move from liberal democracy as a state we must defend to democratisation as a process we must develop.

Innocracy 2021: Democratising Democracy
Session with with Anna Mayr and Ouassima Laabich-Mansour
Session with Martin Dulig, Ricarda Lang and Bernd Ulrich, chaired by Melanie Stein
Innocracy 2020: Bringing the future back to democracy
Online session with with Deborah Feldman, Sasha Waltz, Heinz Bude and Hedwig Richter
Online session with Gerald Knaus, Sophie Magennis, Maria Kaldani and Erik Marquardt

This was Innocracy 2020

In the face of systemic challenges such as the climate crisis, we must transform the way we live, consume and produce as societies. Yet, no transformation can succeed without a clear sense of direction. We need tangible visions of the future that unify and integrate democracies on their way forward. 

Candid conversations about our shared future deserve a range of perspectives. At Innocracy you could listen to, engage, and think together with voices stemming from Japan, Georgia, Wales, and dozens of other places around the world. Framed by their work in the arts, technology, civil society, politics, and academia, these thought-leaders discussed their own visions for our future. 

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Democratising Democracy: No Transformation without Democratisation

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For the 2020s to become a decade of transformation, they also have to become a decade of democratisation

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