Videos of the Progressive Governance Symposium 2019

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400 progressives from 21 countries joint the Progressive Governance Symposium 2019 to reimagine the social contract and build communities for change. You can find all videos of the day here.

The Progressive Governance Symposium’s video recap


Food for thought – brief insights by our speakers





Reimagining the social contract

Keynote speech by Matthew Taylor

Please note that due to a technical error while recording the sound quality of this video is of low quality. The other videos are not affected.

The coming progressive renaissance

Panel discussion with Marije Laffeber, Quentin Hart, Jack Markell, Valérie Rabault, Florian Ranft

Building a transatlantic coalition for the BIG transformation

Opening remarks by Michael Miebach, Maja Göpel, Jean Pisani-Ferry

Regaining trust and winning the debate on structural change

Panel discussion with Anneliese Dodds, Robert Habeck, Reiner Hoffmann, Michael Werz

Standing up for the people and places left behind by economic change

Keynote speech by Stephan Weil

Hope for tomorrow in times of new nationalism & populism

Panel discussion with Marije Laffeber, Jack Markell, Stephan Weil, Tamás Harangozó


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Vincent Venus

published on

10 May 2019