Which new technologies does societal progress need?


With #Tech4Society we take a value-based approach to technological change with the goal of promoting economic, social, and ecological progress. Technological change must not be an end in itself. New technologies need to tackle the big challenges of our time, including economic and social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis, tomorrow’s work, and economy, demographic changes, regional imbalances, and the increasing political polarisation in democracies. Together with a diverse consortium of partners from academia, civil society, the public and private sector, we sought to develop new and practical policy solutions in a co-innovative dialogue.


Policy Paper: Tech with Society


How can a value-based approach to technological change promote economic, social, and ecological progress? The policy paper “Tech with Society” by Daniela Blaschke and Florian Ranft is the result of the innovation series #Tech4Society and presents recommendations designed to ensure that technological change will not be an end in itself. At its launch on December 16th, 2020, we discussed the policy paper’s recommendations with Julia Borggräfe, Joanna Bryson, Rasmus Rothe und Thomas Ramge (see video).

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#Tech4Society Workshops


The starting point of the conversation and deliberation process was the fundamental question of how new technologies can work best for societal progress by taking into account the perspectives of the society, the economy, and the individual.

Economy: How can new technologies contribute to a socially and ecologically responsible economic model?

Society: How can new technologies foster social cohesion?

Individual: How can new technologies help secure individual and societal welfare?

During a series of workshops in the course of 2020, #Tech4Society dove deep into each of these dimensions. In the launch and closing event, we took a broader approach to the topic, looking into today’s value creation and the policy lessons.


Kick-off conference “Tomorrow’s value creation”


The #Tech4Society series was launched in November 2019 with a kick-off conference that shed new light on value creation and technological change in modern economies. Geoff MulganPatrizia NanzJulia KloiberStefan Profit, and Juha Leppänen discussed necessary changes in modern economies and value-creation due to innovations and their connected economic, ecological, and social costs and opportunities. 

As part of the kick-off event, the working paper “Which Tech does Society need?” was being presented. It serves as the basis for the #Tech4Society innovation series. Daniela Blaschke and Florian Ranft have chosen a three-dimensional approach, which comprises society as a whole, the economic system as well as the individual.

#Tech4Society in the media 


T für Transformation: Wie wir gut aus der Krise kommen

Robert D. Atkinson is convinced that economic stimulus packages for the time after the corona crisis must be transformative. The founder and president of the US think tank ITIF outlines how governments can use the current occasion to shape resilient, inclusive, and sustainable economies and societies.

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Digitalisierung stärkt Solidarität

The solidarity-based health care system of the future is also and above all dependent on data, say Alexander Schellinger and Nora Zetsche. They call for a strategy to accordingly further develop the solidarity principle in statutory health insurance.

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Tech for Fortschritt

A more aggressive competition policy alone is not enough in dealing with digital platforms. Instead, policymakers must strike a balance between governing and regulating, writes Geoff Mulgan, CEO of Nesta, in his position piece.

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#Tech4Society Workshop “New Technologies and the Economy” with Max Neufeind, Robert D. Atkinson, Svenja Falk, and Danyal Bayaz