Anthology on Democratic Innovation

A selection of ideas of the Innocracy Conference


INNOCRACY- Conference on Democratic Innovation took place at betahaus Berlin on 28 November 2017. The ideas formed to transform democratic systems – either by incrementally improving them or radically changing paradigms – are presented in this Anthology.

Democratic systems need to be able to shape an increasingly complex world and respond to the socio-economic, cultural, technological, and ecological transformation processes societies are going through.

Both radical systemic transformation and incremental improvements are necessary to drive meaningful and constructive change.

During the „Innocracy — Conference on Democratic Innovation“, Das Progressive Zentrum’s Democracy Lab brought together 120 participants and 26 speakers from 12 countries, offering a stage to noteworthy ideas to exchange paradigms, rewrite ground rules for democracy, and improve existing processes.

The Anthology on Democratic Innovation presents a selection of the processes and ideas discussed during the Conference. You can download the PDF brochure below.


Hanno was a Policy Fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum until October 2021, where he worked primarily on the future of democracy. With his consulting company unlearn, he advises DAX corporations, medium-sized companies and public institutions on the cultural side of digitalization.
The Strategic Value of Visions: Lessons from Innocracy 2020 and outlook on this year’s conference
We need visions of the future that unify and integrate democracies on their way forward
Democracy Lab Final Report
Transformation instead of innovation
Democracy Lab Progress Report 2017/2018
Demokratie muss sich unentwegt selbst hinterfragen, um ihren zentralen Werten gerecht zu werden
Beyond (this) democracy — Seven sketches towards a new democratic purpose
In this Discussion Paper, Hanno Burmester brings in a new analysis on the status quo and offers new ideas on the purpose of liberal democracy
Sophie Pornschlegel is a Policy Fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum and currently works as Director of Studies with the Brussels think-tank Europe Jacques Delors.
Paving the Way Towards Common Values
This paper was created in the context of “Daring New Spaces: Striving towards a European Public Sphere
Conference Study: Trying Times – Rethinking Social Cohesion
The study provides a set of focus questions that are designed to promote public debate on how to shape cohesion as we move forward
Democracy Lab Progress Report 2017/2018
Demokratie muss sich unentwegt selbst hinterfragen, um ihren zentralen Werten gerecht zu werden
Laura Krause led the Future of Democracy program area at Das Progressive Zentrum from 2017 to 2018. Previously, she was a senior associate at the strategy consulting firm Bernstein Public Policy and a policy fellow associated with the Progressive Center
Transforming Not Digitizing. Germany’s Path to Digital Democracy
New Discussion Paper by Laura-Kristine Krause

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