Paving the Way Towards Common Values

This paper was created in the context of “Daring New Spaces: Striving towards a European Public Sphere


The fundamental values of the EU are defined in Article 2 of the Treaty of the European Union. However, recent years have shown an unsettling global trend of democratic backsliding and authoritarian tendencies. Shared values like the rule of law and respect for freedom, democracy, and equality have to be at the foundation of a strong European public sphere. This paper analyses how we can create a robust and resilient European public sphere.

This paper outlines challenges and opportunities to create a robust and resilient European public sphere. First, it resents an overarching vision of a possible European public sphere in 2025 as well as milestones that need to be reached to achieve such a reality. We then narrow in by presenting a vision of a genuine Union of values, including a meaningful European identity and civic education system.

These bold visions assist us in developing policy recommendations and gathering existing successful practices that bring us closer to a truly European public sphere. The ideas presented have emerged in a collaborative and co-creative process of exchange among experts and professionals passionate for a more united Europe. This future-oriented exercise was launched within the Daring New Spaces project in a working group focusing on practiced European values.


Sophie Pornschlegel is a Policy Fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum and currently works as a Senior Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre (EPC) and as a project manager for Connecting Europe, a joint initiative of the EPC and Stiftung Mercator.
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About the authors

This Vision Paper was written by the third working group of our project Daring New Spaces“Practised European Values” – facilitated by Sophie Pornschlegel.

About the project

This paper was created in the context of “Daring New Spaces: Striving towards a European Public Sphere”, a project initiated by Das Progressive Zentrum in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office, the Stiftung Mercator, and with the expert support of European Council for Foreign Relations. Visit the project page to find out more.

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