#USinProgress: Progressive Analysis of the US Elections 2020

Team Member Diego Rivas covers the US Presidential and General Elections 2020

The Democrats are locked in a head to head race under a unified, broad coalition on the national level – against Trump. However, winning the Senate and the House will determine if it is even possible to work towards a just normality that represents the people and reflects their hopes and desires. Diego Rivas analyses the US Elections and opportunities for progressive change.

The 2020 US election was a battle for the soul of America. With everything from the right to healthcare to the environment on the line, the results will affect the daily lives of millions. However, this is not just about one battle. In electoral districts across the country, Democrats are running campaigns to win the House and Senate. These are the races that will determine if the United States are capable of implementing policies that can undo Trump’s damage and move towards a more just normality. They also reflect a more honest picture of the United States: one that is racially, economically, and politically diverse.

On our blog and social media channels, we are providing progressive analysis of the results of the US election as they roll in. Check-out Das Progressive Zentrum’s Instagram mini-series, blog posts, and appearances in the media as we accompany the current political developments in the United States.

Diego Rivas is not only a member of the team at Das Progressive Zentrum but moreover Chair of the Democrats Abroad – Berlin.

The United States must fundamentally reflect on why many reforms cannot be made. […] One reason is that the constitution is very difficult to change. Another is that they feel very strongly that they are the chosen ones – […] the belief that this is „the greatest nation“.

Hedwig Richter, Scientific Council at Das Progressive Zentrum and Professor of Modern and Contemporary History at the „Universität der Bundeswehr“ in Munich, was a guest on the political talk show „Anne Will“. They discussed the change of power in the White House and whether president-elect Joe Biden and vice president-elect Kamal Harris will be able to reunite the USA.

If the Democrats win the Senate, we must make reforms from day one!

Diego Rivas on progressive reforms, the Electoral College and Democrats Abroad Berlin in the taz US Wahl Talk of daily die Tageszeitung (taz) in the early morning of 4 November after election day:


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„Count the Votes“ Rally organized by the American Community in Berlin

Diego Rivas demands to protect the counting process of the votes on ZDF Heute.

The Morgenpost reports on the rally featuring Diego Rivas and Democrats Abroad Berlin. Deutsche Welle reports on the rally featuring statements of several Berlin-based US-American, including Diego Rias, and voices of German politicians expressing their concerns for the US-American president’s behaviour and statements demanding to stop the vote counting.

They need to be counted. They were submitted legally. It does not matter whether they’re for a Republican or Democrat.

says Diego Rivas interviewed by the Süddeutsche Zeitung during the rally.

Rbb24 reporting on the rally on Twitter:


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Political correspondent for Deutsche Welle and France24, Emmanuelle Chaze, reporting live from the rally „Count the Votes“ organized by the American Community in Berlin on November 4, 2020:


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Electing Joe Biden Was Never a Reset Button

Democrats and their supporters learned a lesson in patience. Although they won the presidency, the majority in the Senate will be determined only next January. Diego Rivas describes this moment to be an excellent opportunity to reflect upon movement-building. Democrats need to widen the lens and start thinking in longer narratives to keep, expand, and implement their political mandate

© Elliott Stallion on Unsplash

A Dash to the Finish Line in a Mad World: One Week before the US Election

After experiencing an undesirable future, Democrats are determined to win and build back a future of their own, writes Diego Rivas.

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Diego war Projektmanager und koordinierte vor allem den jährlichen Progressive Governance Summit sowie den transatlantischen Dialog New Urban Progress. Diego ist derzeit auch der Get-Out-the-Vote-Coordinator für Europa, den Nahen Osten und Afrika für Democrats Abroad.
Annika Hoffmann war ab Januar 2021 Assistentin im Kommunikationsteam. Nach ihrem Dualen Studium an der TH Köln führte sie ihre Leidenschaft für Journalismus und Hörfunk nach Brüssel - zum Master in Communication Sciences an der Vrije Universiteit Brussel mit Fokus auf 'Journalism and Media in Europe'. Hier begeisterte sie sich für Kommunikationswissenschaft und Diskursforschung. Auch in Zukunft möchte sie ihre Interessen in Politik, ideologischer Kommunikation und die Zukunft der liberalen Demokratie, weiter verfolgen und den Schwerpunkt Diskurs und Ideologie rechter und populistischer Akteure, vertiefen. Privat engagiert sie sich ehrenamtlich beim grassroots Think Tank Club Alpbach Belgium Brussels (Teil des Forum Alpbach Network) als Scholarship Coordinator und Vorstandsmitglied.