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A Series on Empowering Cities


The American Rescue Plan is pumping 1.9 trillion dollars into citizens’ pockets, the economy, and measures against the Covid-19 pandemic. What has this meant for cities and urban spaces? Listen to two former mayors discussing how cities can use this funding to build back better.


A Series on the European Public Sphere


Our new podcast Talking Progress dives headfirst into everything progressive. In its first series, our host Paulina Fröhlich and her guests analyse what needs to be achieved to create a European Public Sphere.


For this first episode, we have invited two journalists to reflect on cross-border journalism and media cooperation. Can these approaches boost the European Public Sphere? Read more!


How can transnational activism and civil society cooperation increase this solidarity? Read more about how the EU Parlament can and should support activism across the EU.



How can civic education strengthen European democracy and deepening the values shared by Europeans and how has the pandemic affected European solidarity? Read more about which roles European values play ing building a European Public Sphere.

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A guest will kick-off each episode with a thought-provoking take on one of today’s political challenges. Leaving no stone unturned, a second guest will be invited to respond to the first guest’s idea. To ground the debate, the two guests will offer further reading and listening recommendations on the subject on hand. 

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