A Series on Progressive Governance


After living in a pandemic for more than a year and experiencing a decade of inequality, planet degradation, and threats to liberal democracies, bold structural reform is needed to leave no person or community behind. The Progressive Governance Digital Summit is a space where prominent constellations of leaders are brought together to encourage fresh strategies and approaches on how to implement progressive change.

This year’s summit aimed to lay the foundation for the 2020s defined by progress. Listen to our curation of intriguing sessions with guests such as Margrethe Vestager, Robert Habeck, Catherine de Vries, Cas Mudde, Tim Bale, Ania Skrzypek and more!

Germany’s Political Turning Point: Just Change or Also Progress?

The 2021 German Election brought a decisive vote for change: Merkel’s center-right party lost points, while the Social Democrats and the Greens made meaningful gains. But what are the implications? In this episode, Ricarda Lang, Jeremy Cliffe, and Tobias Dürr discuss how a new social-green-liberal coalition can be successful.

Europe’s Man on the Moon Project

How can regulatory frameworks best serve people while also upholding democratic principles? Tune in to an exclusive one-on-one conversation between the Executive Vice President of the European Commission for the Digital Age and Competition, Margrethe Vestager, and the Co-Chairman of the German Green Party, Robert Habeck.

How Can the Centre-Left Reinvent Itself?

What does the future hold for social democratic parties and the centre-left? Political scientists Tim Bale and André Krouwel discuss how overarching narratives and a sharpened ideological compass can help progressive big-tent parties regain much-needed trust. Listen in as these experts debate and recommend paths forward for centre-left parties across Europe.

Progressives Against the Far-Right

National lockdowns, vaccine rollout strategies, and the shutdown of international travel have introduced the national framework as a dominating force. Tune in to this episode to hear Catherine de Vries and Cas Mudde discuss what this all means for the electoral chances of right-wing populists and how progressives must respond right now.


A Series on Empowering Cities


Cities are a major cause of greenhouse gas pollution. However, they are also the places driving change: From modernizing buildings to making mobility sustainable, cities have plenty of tools at their disposal to become climate-neutral. But the ecological transformation is expensive. So where does the money come from? Tune in for an expert discussion or find out more about this episode.


The American Rescue Plan is pumping 1.9 trillion dollars into citizens’ pockets, the economy, and measures against the Covid-19 pandemic. What has this meant for cities and urban spaces? Listen to two former mayors discussing how cities can use this funding to build back better or find out more about this episode.


A Series on the European Public Sphere


Our new podcast Talking Progress dives headfirst into everything progressive. In its first series, our host Paulina Fröhlich and her guests analyse what needs to be achieved to create a European Public Sphere.

For this first episode, we have invited two journalists to reflect on cross-border journalism and media cooperation. Can these approaches boost the European Public Sphere? Read more!


How can transnational activism and civil society cooperation increase this solidarity? Read more about how the EU Parlament can and should support activism across the EU.


How can civic education strengthen European democracy and deepening the values shared by Europeans and how has the pandemic affected European solidarity? Read more about which roles European values playing building a European Public Sphere.


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A guest will kick-off each episode with a thought-provoking take on one of today’s political challenges. Leaving no stone unturned, a second guest will be invited to respond to the first guest’s idea. To ground the debate, the two guests will offer further reading and listening recommendations on the subject on hand. 

Talking Progress will dive headfirst into everything progressive, ranging from the European public sphere to urban policy. Subscribe now and be the first to hear our miniseries!

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