Gallery of Progressive Governance Symposium 2019

Take a look at impressions from the PGS Symposium 2019

The PGS, a gathering of eminent progressive leaders and thinkers from over 21 countries, took place in Berlin on April 25, 2019. It is unique in that it combines party-political networking and leaders forums with policy input from leading public intellectuals. This year’s symposium marked an important milestone in the European and Transatlantic progressive movement discussing the imperative for progressives around the world to reinvigorate their policies and politics in the face of resurgent right-wing nationalism and populism.


Hannah Nicklas war von April - Juni 2019 Praktikantin im Kommunikationsteam von Das Progressive Zentrum. Sie studierte Germanistik an der Universität Hamburg und European Studies an der Lund University in Schweden.

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