The Progressive Governance Symposium 2019, hosted in Berlin, gathered over 400 leaders from 21 countries in order to rejuvenate the progressive movement, its governing philosophy and agenda based on cross-border dialogue among centre-left parties as well as leading intellectuals and decision-makers. The organising theme of the 2019 discussions was the imperative for progressives around the world to reinvigorate their policies and politics in the face of resurgent right-wing populism. Specifically, panels focused on three key areas of challenge and opportunity related to disruptive changes in global, national and local economies; in the world’s climate; and in technological innovation.

The symposiums hosted in Berlin in 2019 and 2017 carry on the legacy of the Progressive Governance conferences and summits that have been held around the world since 1999. From Santiago, Chile to Copenhagen, Denmark to Hammanskraal, South Africa, this event series has a distinguished history of convening global progressive leaders from governments, think tanks, activism, and academia to promote international dialogue and cooperation on progressive politics and policy.

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