Progressive Governance Summit 2022: Joining Forces

Build alliances and drive change at Europe’s largest conference for progressive politics.

Wednesday - Thursday, 12. October - 13. October 2022 - All day

Building Alliances Now for our Future

This past decade, Europe and North America have seen a relieving resurgence of progressives at the ballot box. Having expanded progressive strongholds from cities to national politics, political leaders are now tasked with building the capacity to govern. This means increasing trust in democratic institutions and government, creating a societal consensus for progressive agendas, and strengthening strategies to secure electorates. Making matters complicated is the triple crisis of covid, war in Ukraine, and climate, which are dominating the political agenda and increasingly affecting people’s daily lives. This year’s PGS22 will explore and debate how (and which) alliances are capable of catalyzing change into progress. And in doing so, how we can build a new era of progressive politics that will endure well beyond our current crises. 

#PGS22 Focus Points 

Forging progressive alliances to build capacities to govern in times of this triple crisis of conflict, Covid and climate, the themes of the summit will span across three focus points: 

1) Societal shifts – how a changing society can work together for economic, social and environmental justice

2) Beyond borders – international alliances in times of war and crisis, emerging international actors

3) Progressive politics – building strategies, campaigns and narratives to win elections and deliver on promises.

Shaping a Decade for Progress: The Political Summit that Meets the Times 

From Santiago to London, Oslo, Dublin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Stockholm to Berlin – Progressive Governance conferences and summits have been held worldwide since 1999. At the annual Progressive Governance Summit (PGS), our transatlantic network works on strategies and solutions that can make the 2020s a decade of progress. Since its inception, the summit has gathered leading as well as up-and-coming public intellectuals, impactful activists and political decision-makers from around the globe.

Progressive Governance is more than a summit

Our publications and events throughout the year bring together greens, liberals, social democrats and socialists with the aim of developing best-practice strategies and building the capacities to govern at the local to the international level.

Project Lead

Florian Ranft

Head of Green New Deal

Summit Manager

Diego Rivas

Project Manager

Event and Operations Lead

Tanya Shoshan

Head of Events & Operations

Event Dates

TimeAll day

PGS22 Blog

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