Volta and Terra Nova: New strategic partners for a progressive Europe

We are delighted to officially announce that we have started new strategic cooperations with the Italian think tank Volta as well as the French think tank Terra Nova.

Milan and Brussels-based Volta is a political network that is closely connected to the Renzi government in Rome. It is actively engaged in the creation and dissemination of the big ideas needed to reenergize the public debate in Italy as well as on a European level, restoring a sense of direction to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to welcome Giuliano da Empoli (CEO of Volta and close consultant of the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi) as well as Federico Sarica (member of Volta´s Executive Committee) in Berlin for political meetings with decision makers from Federal Ministries, the German Bundestag, political parties, as well as progressive partner think tanks and foundations.

Paris-based Terra Nova is an independent progressive think tank, aiming to create and to spread innovative political solutions in French and European politics. Thus, Terra Nova also seeks to contribute to the renewal of progressive ideas in France and across Europe. With Marc-Olivier Padis (Terra Nova´s Director of Studies), we are planning a vast gathering of European progressives in France in fall 2016.

A very special word of thanks goes to Giuliano da Empoli (CEO of Volta)as well as François Chérèque (President of the board of Terra Nova) who have both kindly made possible this promising cooperation.

We are looking very much forward to common activities with Volta and Terra Nova in order to contribute to a more progressive Europe in the nearest future and upcoming years.