Study on populism now available in English and French

“Return to the politically abandoned: Conversations in right-wing populist strongholds in Germany and France”

The study’s design and results have led to an overwhelmingly positive reception in Germany and created great interest in other countries. To take the debate to the European level, the study has now been translated into English and French

Despite more than two decades of populist parties gaining momentum in Europe, the phenomenon is still in need of an explanation. The significant gains made by those parties in Germany, Italy and Sweden underline the urgency of understanding the causes and appeal of populism.

To this end, the study “Return to the politically abandoned: Conversations in right-wing populist strongholds in Germany and France” has applied a groundbreaking approach: The study team has knocked at more than 5,000 doors in politically abandoned areas, holding conversations of 25 minutes on average while asking eleven open questions.

The study is now available in English and French on a dedicated website.


Johannes Hillje is a political and communications consultant working in Berlin and Brussels. He works for institutions, political parties, companies and NGOs. In 2014, he managed the EU election campaign of the European Green Party.

Paulina Fröhlich

Deputy Managing Director and Head of Resilient Democracy
Paulina Fröhlich is Deputy Managing Director and leads our Resilient Democracy team. She directs innovative dialogue projects, such as "Europa Hört", designs and curates Innocracy, a conference on democratic transformation, and co-authors discussion papers, such as "Glotzt nicht so romantisch" and the study "Die Talkshow-Gesellschaft".

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