Dr. Maria Skóra

Policy Fellow, Research Associate (Institut für Europäische Politik)

Maria Skóra is a Research Associate at the Institut für Europäische Politik and a policy fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum. Previously, she was head of the International Dialogue program at Das Progressive Zentrum. She holds a master’s degree in sociology and a PhD in economics. 2018 Alumna of the Young Leaders Program at the Aspen Institute Central Europe in Prague. 2019 Visiting Fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States and AICGS, Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC. She previously worked for the Humboldt-Viadrina Governance Platform in Berlin and as an expert for the All-Poland Federation of Trade Unions in Warsaw.

Reforming the EU is a historical necessity for its ability to (re)act and enlarge

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The European Union is heading towards the next election. In June, we will not only witness the composition of the new European Parliament, but also the lineup of the new European Commission. As of today, prognoses assume a shift to the right, in particular with gains for the national-conservative and far-right fringe parties. Progressives will have to brace for an intensive campaign, as the next legislative period requires historic decisions.

“Liberal Democracy is the real winner!” – Polish Elections revisited

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Where is the Polish Left standing after the election? In a briefing hosted by Das Progressive Zentrum (DPZ), Policy Fellow and research associate at the Institut für Europäische Politik Maria Skóra and Board Member Katarina Niewiedzial debated with Journalist Karolina Zbytniewska and opposition politician Konrad Gołota the results of Polish parliamentary elections and the situation of progressive forces in the country.


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