Europe needs to pull itself together concerning the question of migration and guarantee the right of asylum

Joint op-ed published in Le Monde

Last October, Carsten Schneider, Jakob von Weizsäcker (both SPD), Karine Berger and Valérie Rabault (both Parti socialiste) participated in our Interparlamentarian Conference: Towards a progressive Europe. Now, they wrote a joint op-ed that was published in Le Monde stressing the importance of a progressive and humane refugee policy.

We, young French and German members of parliament, demand that Europe continues to grant the right of asylum, which is inseparable from its history. We demand that the external borders of Europe are clear and strong, and that those who get to them will know that they join a continent and not an alliance of egoism. We demand that our generation has the right to pursue the responsible European dream.

Click here to read the full op-ed online (in French).


Jakob von Weizsäcker

Circle of Friends
Jakob von Weizsäcker is Saarland Minister of the Interior and Science. Previously, he was Head of the Department for Policy Issues and International Economic Policy at the Federal Ministry of Finance and a member of the European Parliament (MEP). He is also a member of the Circle of Friends of Das Progressive Zentrum.

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