Learning from the crisis: empower civil society organisations!

DPZ and EHCE support the call for an independent digital infrastructure

Das Progressive Zentrum signs the call “Learning from the crisis: empower civil society organisations!” and calls for an active digital ecosystem that offers real choices.

As a civil society organisation, Das Progressive Zentrum, promotes an independent digital infrastructure and free access to knowledge. Yet, the conversions necessary to contain COVID-19 show one thing above all: large technology companies are benefiting from the shift into the digital sphere. However, to be independent in times of crisis, an active digital ecosystem that offers real choices is needed.

Therefore, as part of the European Hub for Civic Engagement, Das Progressive Zentrum signs the call “Learning from the crisis: empower civil society organisations!” and supports the following recommendations: 

  • Political openness for input from the digital civil society
  • Targeted funding
  • Public money, public good
  • Development of public digital infrastructure

A critical civil society is one of Europe’s most important resources, because it pushes the entire political landscape with good ideas and improves our democratic coexistence. A coordinated and digital infrastructure can strengthen and protect the European civil society with this mission: it needs a collective platform for the exchange of knowledge, aspirations, needs and talent.

Dominic Schwickert, Executive Director of Das Progressive Zentrum

European civil society needs a coordinated, digital infrastructure. Through this it can exchange, coordinate and systematically implement its forces, knowledge and skills. Active solidarity in the 21st century does no longer need to be dependent on geographic location.

Paulina Fröhlich, Project Leader of the European Hub for Civic Engagement


Dominic Schwickert

Executive Director of Das Progressive Zentrum
Dominic Schwickert has been Executive Director of Das Progressive Zentrum since 2012. He has proven expertise in the field of political and strategic consulting. Dominic worked i.a. for Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Bertelsmann Stiftung, IFOK GmbH, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, German Bundestag as well as for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Paulina Fröhlich

Deputy Managing Director and Head of Resilient Democracy
Paulina Fröhlich is Deputy Managing Director and leads our Resilient Democracy team. She directs innovative dialogue projects, such as "Europa Hört", designs and curates Innocracy, a conference on democratic transformation, and co-authors discussion papers, such as "Glotzt nicht so romantisch" and the study "Die Talkshow-Gesellschaft".

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