Germany’s Minister of State on a bridge-building mission along Mediterranean rim

The Politico writes about our Dialogue on Europe

On March 7, our Dialogue on Europe made its second stop in Lisbon, Portugal. Now, the Politico wrote about Michael Roth‘s „discreet and unconventional tour (…) to connect directly with citizens“. Pointing out that the ‪#‎DialogueOnEurope‬ is aiming to gather young thinkers all over Europe, Paul Ames writes:

Rather than the customary hobnobbing with politicians and business leaders, Roth is holding a series of town hall meetings in out-of-the-way venues in an effort to connect directly with citizens disaffected by painful economic policies imposed on the eurozone’s debt-laden periphery over the past six years.

But more than that, our Project Lead, Philipp Sälhoff, underlined the Town Hall Meetings are an attempt to avoid future stereotypes and misunderstandings between European countries as we have witnessed in recent past.

Read the full Politico article here.


Philipp Sälhoff

Head of International Projects and External Relations
Philipp Sälhoff worked for Das Progressive Zentrum from January 2013 to March 2018, first as co-leader of the #bewegungjetzt campaign for the 2013 federal election, later as head of the mobilization campaign iChange Europe for the 2014 European election.

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