Germany and the US Germany faces Trump with new-found self-confidence

Our Policy Fellow Robert Schütte about Europe’s security under Trump

Expect German-American relations to cool over the coming months as September’s elections draw closer

Our Policy Fellow Robert Schütte wrote for Policy Network about the new-found self-confidence Germany found regarding Trump.

Since the new administration came into office on 20 January, everything seems different. German-American relations have gone from close and trustful to cautious pessimism. This comes as no surprise after a presidential campaign in which Trump lashed out frequently against the German government. His main target: Berlin’s open-door refugee policy and the country’s alleged “unfair” exporting prowess.

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Robert Schütte works as a speechwriter at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. He is a policy fellow at Das progressive Zentrum and founder of the German human rights NGO Genocide Alert.

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