Das Progressive Zentrum partners with Revision Summit

Innovative summit on democratic values, data and social security, and economic growth

How can technological advancement be shaped in a more socially compatible way? This and many more pressing questions will be addressed at this year’s Revision Summit on 19-20 November in Berlin. Das Progressive Zentrum is a partner of the event.

At this year’s Revision Summit, views on future technologies in the context of societal change will be discussed in order to identify the most pressing questions of today’s and tomorrow’s society. In an increasingly digitized world, how do we shift the focus towards the human being? What are the possibilities of technologies such as Blockchain & AI, which juggle between uncertainties, data, and trust? How can the digital society advance from a profit-centric towards a more purpose-driven economy? These are all questions that are currently of concern to Berlin’s impact-driven technology community.

The summit will focus on:
• democratic values (from the excluded to the engaged citizen);
• data privacy (from the disempowered to the sovereign citizen);
• social security (from a centralized to a decentralized social system);
• economic growth (from profit to purpose).

As a partner of the summit, we are able to offer a limited number of tickets free of charge. To request tickets, please contact Project Manager Alban Genty:

The program at a glance

The 19th of November is dedicated to four focus tracks at different locations throughout Berlin, which are mainly co-organised by members of the Revision network – members from the public as well as the private sector.

On 20th of November, all participants will be brought together at the main site, at Kraftwerk Berlin, to move from the micro to the macro level and promote a diverse dialogue between the individual disciplines.

The Revision Summit seeks to promote a human-centric and purpose-driven society in the digital age. Speakers include, among others:

• Dirk Schrade (German Federal Bank)
• Alexandra Wandel (World Future Council)
• Trent McConaghy (BigChainDB & Ocean Protocol)
• Pavel Richter (German Federal Association of Foundations)
• Dr. Anna Christmann (MdB)
• Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner (Frankfurt School of Management)
• Dieter Janecek (MdB)
• Annika Heinzt (change.org)
• Jess Houlgrave (Codex Protocol)
• Franz von Weizsäcker (GIZ)
• Ronja Kemmer (MdB)
• Carla Hustedt (Bertelsmann Stiftung)
• Prof. Shelley Sacks (Oxford Brookes University)


Alban was Project Manager at Das Progressive Zentrum since May 2015. He is also active in the field of political education as co-founder and co-chair of the French organization Vote&Vous. Studied politics with a focus on European studies at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Sciences Po Lille and most recently at the College of Europe in Warsaw.
Marie-Louise was a Communications Assistant at Das Progressive Zentrum. She completed her bachelor's degree in history and political science at the TU Dresden and is now studying for a master's degree in contemporary history in Potsdam. She has a special focus on gender history and the role of media

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