Polish elections 2020: “The corona campaign”

Maria Skóra on the government´s consolidation of power in the IPS Journal

Maria Skóra, Head of Programme “International Dialogue” at Das Progressive Zentrum, has published an op-ed in the “International Politics and Society Journal” (IPS). She investigates the political impact of the COVID-19 crisis in Poland and unveils strategies of the governing PiS party in light of the upcoming presidential elections. 


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Read the full article on the IPS website.


Dr. Maria Skóra

Head of International Dialogue
Maria Skóra was the head of the International Dialogue program area of Das Progressive Zentrum. She holds a master's degree in sociology and a PhD in economics. 2018 Alumna of the Young Leaders Program of the Aspen Institute Central Europe in Prague. 2019 Visiting Fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States and AICGS, Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC.

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