Das Progressive Zentrum introduces a new governing structure

New leadership will strengthen the programme areas

After innovating its governing structure, Das Progressive Zentrum is now led by an extended executive team, which is comprised of the Executive Director as well as three Heads of Programmes, the Head of Office and the Head of Communications.

The members of the extended executive team coordinate the content and operative work of the programmes and administration. Externally they act as representatives of our programmes, operative areas and theme-specific contact partners, while internally they lead their teams, which are made up of project managers, trainees, project assistants, and interns. The members of the extended executive team are:

Dominic Schwickert

Executive Director
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Fatma Çelik
Head of Office
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Paulina Fröhlich
Head of Programme “Future of Democracy”
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Dr. Maria Skóra
Head of Programme “International Dialogue”
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Dr. Florian Ranft
Head of Programme “Social and Economic Transformation”
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Vincent Venus
Head of Communications
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