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About Ania Skrzypek

Ania Skrzypek was born in Warsaw in 1979 and is Director for Research and Training at the Foundations for European Progressive Studies (FEPS). She holds a Ph.D. cum laude in political sciences from the University of Warsaw, which she obtained for her thesis “Cooperation of the socialist and social democratic parties in uniting Europe. From Liaison Bureau to PES. 1957 – 2007.” (also published in book format in 2010). Before joining FEPS in 2009, Ania worked as a researcher at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences at the University of Warsaw (2003 – 2009) and also served twice consecutively as elected Secretary General of the Young European Socialists (ECOSY, 2005-2009). She is an author of over 80 published papers and articles, available in English, German, French and Polish. Among her responsibilities at FEPS, she is in charge of the Next Left Research Programme, she co-coordinates FEPS Young Academics Network (FEPS YAN), as also she contributes to the FEPS projects of: Next Social Europe, European Transnational Parties and Democratic Empowerment, Ones to Watch, New Global Progressive Construct Convention and the Annual FEPS – Policy Network Oxford Debates.


Gender equality and the pandemic

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It took a global pandemic for the words 'women' and 'leadership' to come together.

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