Ștefania Gârțu

Climate Connaction Fellow
Areas of Interest: Environmental justice, ecological economics and green energy

Ștefania (Romania, Fridays for Future) stands as a foundational figure within the local Fridays for Future movement, playing a crucial role in its establishment. Beyond her Fridays for Future involvement, she has actively participated in both online and offline endeavors alongside Greenpeace. Expanding her horizons, she ventured into journalism last year, contributing pieces to Noua.info. These articles delved into an array of subjects, ranging from climate communities and food waste to the realm of veganism. Her expertise prominently lies in the sphere of environmental justice, notably encompassing policies intertwined with ecological economics and fossil fuels. Ștefania’s insights extend to pertinent issues like plastic pollution, the swiftly evolving domains of fast-fashion and fast-cosmetics industries, and environmental racism.

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