Linus Platzer

Policy officer "Transformation Rheinisches Revier" at NABU NRW

Linus is supporting NABU NRW, the largest member-based German environmental organization, in its large regional just transition efforts in the Rhine lignite mining area. In the state of Northrhine-Westphalia, he coordinates and supports civil society in advocating for a socio-ecological transition away from lignite mining and towards sustainable development in line with the Paris Agreement. With a Masters’ degree from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, he previously worked at Klima-Allianz Deutschland, the largest German civil society alliance for climate justice, the German agency for international development (GIZ), the World Resources Institute as well as in various research positions. Linus brings a passion for organizing collective action, finding common ground among diverse people and ambitiously working with institutions to achieve long-lasting impact. Critically comparing and developing ideas and policy approaches on how to advance the transformation in challenged democracies is what he hopes to contribute as an Industrial Heartlands Project Fellow over the next two years.

Industrial heartlands: holding the key to a more democratic future

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What are the current challenges faced by post-industrial heartland communities and regions?

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