Katja Kessing


About Katja Kessing

Katja Kessing is head of the “Visitor Program” department at the Goethe-Institut, which designs and implements information trips and digital encounter programs for international experts and multipliers. After studying theater, film and television studies as well as Romance studies in Berlin and working in the fields of film, theater and dance, she joined the Goethe-Institut in 2000. There, she initially worked in the Culture Department of the Head Office in Munich. She was then in charge of events surrounding the reopening of the Goethe-Institut in Afghanistan, as well as the “Germany Year” in Japan in 2004/2005. She later went to New Delhi, India, for three years as head of cultural program work for the South Asia region. From 2010 to 2017, she headed the Goethe-Institut in Bogotá, Colombia. She currently lives and works in Berlin.


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