Alexander Sängerlaub

futur eins

About Alexander Sängerlaub

Alex is a member of the futur eins think & do tank team and has been working on digital public spheres holistically for a long time. Since 2017, he has been helping to build the “Strengthening Digital Public Spheres” department at the Berlin-based think tank Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, where he led projects on disinformation (“fake news”), fact-checking, and digital news literacy. In 2014, he founded the utopian political magazine Kater Demos and was head of editorial & creation. Before that, he was a research assistant at the University of Hamburg and the Free University of Berlin in journalism & communication studies. In addition to politics, science and journalism, he also knows the side as a consultant in the Berlin agency Blumberry from a campaigner and PR point of view.

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