Working Paper: Which Tech Does Society Need?

In their new Working Paper, Daniela Blaschke and Florian Ranft show how we, as a society, can stay capable of acting in times of technological change.

This working paper draws the guidelines for #Tech4Society’s innovation series and argues that technological transition must not be an end in itself. Innovation must address the great societal challenges of our time, including the climate crisis, populism‘s permanent threat to democracy, and social inequality. If not, our societies might be in danger of further polarisation and division.

The paper analyses the possibilities of a positive contribution of technological change to our society on three conceptual levels:

The three conceptual levels of #Tech4Society

  • Society How can new technologies foster social cohesion?
  • Economy How can new technologies contribute to a social and ecological responsible economic model?
  • Individual How can new technologies help secure individual and societal welfare?


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Florian Ranft

Daniela Blaschke

published on

21 November 2019