Social Inequality – Findings and Recommendations for Action

Publication series with the Cluster of Excellence “The Politics of Inequality” at the University of Konstanz



In cooperation with the Cluster of Excellence “Politics of Inequality” at the University of Konstanz, Das Progressive Zentrum has published various policy papers since the beginning of the Corona crisis. The series focusses on three dimensions of inequality, which also double as the main topics of the Cluster of Excellence:

  • Awareness of inequalities
  • Collective mobilisation along social fault lines.
  • Policy concepts that reduce inequalities.


Current publications


Social compensation, retraining, shorter working hours? Citizen’s social policy priorities for the age of automation

The Corona pandemic has given automation another significant boost. What social policy measures would employees like to see in dealing with this transformation?

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When everyone thinks they’re middle-class: (Mis-) Perceptions of inequality and why they matter for social policy

In Germany, inequality is certainly seen as a problem; however, its extent is underestimated in important aspects.

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Data privacy in the (Corona) crisis: focus on self-determination and trust [German version only]

The study uses the Corona warning app as an example to show how policymakers can increase trust in the public use of data.

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Policy Paper Overview | 2020


Beds or bonds? Conditional solidarity in the coronavirus crisis

The July 2020 Policy Brief examines the extent to which and the ways in which Europeans are prepared to support each other during the Corona pandemic.

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Working from home in the Coronavirus crisis: Towards a transformation of work environments?

People are not fully convinced – one in four could do without going to the office altogether, but there are many who experience loneliness and social isolation as well as emotional exhaustion.

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End the lockdown? Why restrictions are being lifted too fast for some and not fast enough for others

Those who call for relaxations of Corona restrictions often do so out of concern for society – or distrust of the state.

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Cure or Point of Contention? Trust in the Health System during the Corona Crisis [German version only]

The September 2020 paper examines citizens’ perceptions of the performance and fairness of the health care system and their trust in the health care system and government.

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About “Politics of Inequality”:

The cooperation between Das Progressive Zentrum and the Cluster of Excellence of the University of Konstanz “The Politics of Inequality” aims to develop recommendations for action for decision-makers in business and politics on the basis of scientific findings on how social inequality in Germany and Europe can be countered. 



Florian Ranft

Head of Programme “Innovation & Sustainability”