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#Tech4Society – New Technologies and the Economy

Online Workshop - Linking innovation with sustainable and inclusive growth

Be part of our first out of three workshops of the #Tech4Society innovation series! We will explore how to restart the economy after the lockdown and how to steer technological change with inclusive and sustainable growth.

Across the world, politicians face enormous challenges by switching from the coronavirus crisis management to restarting the economy. On these grounds, we need to think about how we can design an inclusive and sustainable economy. Given decreasing levels of economic growth across Europe, increasing levels of inequality, regional imbalances and emission-intensive industries, many challenges lay ahead. Such a restart must not only address the immediate consequences of the lockdown but at the same time multiple long-term economic and social challenges.
n innovation-based economic stimulus package is needed to address those challenges and keep up with the transformational drivers – digitalisation and climate change.

But how can an innovation-based economic stimulus package look like? How can it address these challenges?

Therefore, this workshop addresses this question:

What role can new technologies play in maximizing economic and social value during the social and economic transformation that lies ahead of developed economies?


#Tech4Society – New Technologies and the Economy

Linking innovation with sustainable and inclusive growth
June 16, 2020
From 05.15 to 06.30 pm
As part of the Progressive Governance Digital Summit 2020




Together with remarkable thinkers and doers we will identify good practices and derive lessons for innovative policy-making


Among others, we will be in conversation with:

  • Robert  D. Atkinson, President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
  • Danyal BayazMember of the German Parliament, Alliance 90/ The Greens
  • Nicolas Colin, Co-founder and Director, The Family
  • Svenja Falk, Managing Director, Accenture


After the short keynote and responses we will gather in different breakout rooms and discuss the vision, instruments and framework for a successful innovation-based economic stimulus package.

About #Tech4Society:

With the #Tech4Society innovation series we seek to bring forward and explore the goal of promoting economic, social and ecological progress together with our exceptional partner consortium. Starting point of the conversations is the fundamental question of how new technologies can work best for societal progress. To do so, it takes into account the perspectives of the society, the economy and the individual.

#Tech4Society seeks to address the long-term challenges of our societies, including economic and social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis, tomorrow’s work and economy, demographic changes, regional imbalances and the increasing political polarisation in democracies.

The premise of our co-innovative dialogue is that technological change must not be an end in itself. It rather must be at the service of the people.

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The #Tech4Society Consortium:


Florian Ranft

Max Neufeind

Janis Prinz

Carina Liersch

Event Date

16 June 2020| 05.15 - 06.30 pm (CEST)| Embedded in the Progressive Governance Summit 2020