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Shaping Progress

New Impulses for our liberal and social democracy

Which topics do progressives need to focus on in these turbulent times? How can a progressive think tank contribute to our liberal and social democracy? Our position paper provides answers.

This reflection and discussion paper has several objectives. On the one hand, it serves to take the current temperature of progressive politics. It sketches the topics and basic questions that progressives need to focus on in an increasingly disjointed world. In addition, it outlines what we understand by “progress” under present conditions. On the other hand, the paper is intended to sharpen our profile as a think tank and political network.

We want to make clear what we stand for – and do not stand for – as progressives in Germany and Europe. And with this paper we would like to invite our partner organisations and our fellow campaigners to discuss what joint contributions we can make to strengthening our liberal democracy – for a modern social society in which all members have a share in progress.


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published on

10 May 2019