Session Reports – Innocracy 2018

"The Next Democracy: Transforming Institutions, Paradigms, and the Market." Following the ideas raised at Innocracy 2018 in three steps

On Thursday, 28 June 2018, more than 150 participants and 30 session hosts from eight countries discussed visions and models to drive politics and civil society towards “The Next Democracy” at Kalkscheune, Berlin. They discussed and drafted ideas to move democracy beyond its current state, revitalising it and giving it a new sense of purpose. Follow the ideas which were raised or created during the conference: Read the summaries or watch the workshop videos.

Below, we have collected a selection of the ideas raised at the conference, ranging from Digital Democracy over Sustainable Democracy, Community, and Belonging, as well as Systemic Reforms, with links to interesting resources.


Read which ideas were raised and discussed at Innocracy 2018 – The Next Democracy: Transforming Paradigms, Institutions, and the Market. 


Innocracy 2018 - Hanno Burmester

(I) Towards the „Next Democracy“

How to build a participatory, informed, and open democracy

Insights from debates with female party leaders and political scientists Patrizia Nanz, Claus Leggewie, Maik Bohne, Sebastian Bukow



Innocracy 2018 - Discussions-big-hall

(II) Transforming equal participation – within and beyond borders

Breaking bubbles, embracing diversity, connecting through digital means, channelling Europe

Workshops and speeches on ways to integrate and connect within „the next democracy.“



Innocracy 2018 - Sophie-Pornschlegel-und-Franziska-Giffey

(III) Conclusion: Include and empower

„Is politics changing? We change politics!“ 

Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth Franziska Giffey on breaking power structures and avoiding social fragmentation.



Partner der Innocracy 2018

Serafine Dinkel

Sophie Pornschlegel

Hanno Burmester

published on

18. Juli 2018