Registration: The Future of the Visegrad Group. Possible Scenarios and Alliances

Today, the Visegrad Group (V4) plays an active role in the European dialogue, however with different consequences for European integration. The internal dynamics of the Visegrad Group are changing: its initial Euro-enthusiasm seems to have weakened. The migration challenge has proven that the Visegrad countries are capable of one-cause mobilisation, but at the same time there is a variety of interests within the V4, which could successfully impair its internal cohesion.
What is the perception of the Visegrad Group at the European level today?
What role could it play in the processes of European integration?
Are there any chances for progressive alliances in the region?

Please use the online form below to register to our debate about the V4 on Monday,
24 October 2017
 at 12:30pm on the premises of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies, Rue Montoyer 40, 1000 Brussels.

Please register online by 19 October 2017.

Please find the final agenda of the roundtable here.

This event is part of “Future Scenarios for the Visegrad Group”, a joint project of Das Progressive Zentrum and the Foundation for European Progressive Studies.



Maria Skóra

published on

21 September 2017