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Democratise democracy at our hybrid conference on 14 & 15 October 2021.

Das Progressive Zentrum invites you to join the Innocracy Conference 2021. Together with renowned speakers, we want to explore how processes of democratisation can be answers to the multiple crises we are facing.

For more and more people, the future is no longer a promise but a threat. They feel a sense of powerlessness in the face of climate change, cultural backlashes and economic transformation. Some are quick to blame the slow and imperfect processes of democracy and deliberation.

At Innocracy, we fiercely believe: Democracy is not the cause of these crises but their solution. It is the best way to negotiate, control and shape the fundamental changes ahead. For the 2020s to become a decade of transformation, it also has to become a decade of democratisation.

About Innocracy


When: 14 – 15 October 2021. Join us for 15+ sessions over two days.

What: Think & Do – Engage with actors from politics, academia, civil society, arts, culture, entrepreneurship and activism.

Where: On-site in Berlin and online – Participate remotely or join us in Berlin. Innocracy 2021 takes place as a hybrid event.

Mission: Move from liberal democracy as a state we must defend to democratisation as a process we must develop.

Innocracy 2021 will feature a mix of formats:




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Paulina Fröhlich

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14. Oktober 2021