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Policy Fellows Max Neufeind and Florian Ranft co-publish book on the future of work

"Work in the Digital Age. Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution"

How can progressive public policy shape work in the digital age? In the comprehensive volume “Work in the Digital Age”, Das Progressive Zentrum’s Policy Fellows Max Neufeind and Florian Ranft as well as co-editor Jacqueline O’Reilly (University of Sussex) identify potential risks and develop an agenda to make work fit for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Their book brings together the analyses of more than 50 policy experts from across the globe.

Bringing together expert research of economists and policy analysts from across the world, Policy Fellows Max Neufeind, Florian Ranft, and co-editor Jacqueline O’Reilly give a comprehensive overview on how emerging technologies will influence the future of work: What will be the effects of digitisation, automation, and platform business models on work and employment as we know it? How does technological innovation affect the ongoing economic and societal changes across the globe?

The combined expertise of 50 scholars identifies risks and challenges. It takes a pragmatic stance, developing an agenda for the future, and urging us to update, recharge, and reload the concept of work to unlock the potential of new technologies in business, economics, and society.

The launch of the book will be accompanied by a series of events bringing together key thinkers and policymakers at conferences across Europe.

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