Policy Brief

How to fight Populism in Europe? Lessons from France, Italy and Germany

2017 | Marc-Olivier Padis, Giuliano da Empoli, Dominic Schwickert

How could populist movements become that strong in France, Italy and Germany? And how can progressives push back their influence? Eight proposals.

2017_How to fight Populism in Europe_ Lessons from France, Italy and GermanyThis policy brief aims, firstly, to provide crucial insights into the genesis of populism, particularly with regard to France, Italy, and Germany. Secondly, decisive political strategies on how to cope with this great overall threat will be discussed.

It is argued that there are ways to gain back ground if progressives develop a new attitude, display more democratic enthusiasm, provide a narrative of positive change, connect with voters on a more personal level, and intensify transnational exchange.

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